The health and well-being of our employees are of primary concern to us at Swenson. With the goal of helping our employees stay healthy, we have begun CPR/AED certification training and a Health & Wellness Program. Initially focusing on heart health, the program includes a series of monthly virtual sessions on the following topics:

  • Cornerstones of Heart Health
  • Nutrition and the Heart
  • Physical Activity and the Heart
  • Lifestyle Modifications for Heart Health
  • Assessments for Monitoring Heart Health

CPR/AED Training

Swenson’s San Diego and Murrieta offices now have onsite automated electronic defibrillators (AEDs). With the recommendation of Stephanie Austin Gonzalez, RN, CPA, Saul Saavedra, Director of Apex Medical Training, gave instruction in AED usage and provided CPR training and certification to ten participants in our San Diego office in July. The Murrieta office will receive training in September.

Watch our video slideshow from our CPR/AED training, below:

Heart Health Virtual Sessions

Krista Austin, PhD is leading our offices in the virtual sessions designed to address heart health. Krista is a sport scientist currently serving as an industry consultant and performance specialist for professional and Olympic sport athletes. She has worked for the United States Olympic Committee, the English Institute of Sport, England’s Cricket team and multiple national governing bodies of sport including USA Wrestling, USA Taekwondo, USA Weightlifting and USA Triathlon.