Swenson Forensic Accounting Services

Swenson offers Forensic Accounting and Consultation services to help with the detection and prevention of fraud against individuals, organizations and companies.

Swenson Forensic Accounting offers to help assist companies in complete investigation of alleged fraud perpetrated against the organization. Swenson conducts a thorough review of internal controls to prevent future misappropriations and adopts a proactive approach to fraud prevention by assisting management in putting together a fraud risk program.

Expert Testimony:

  • Variety of industries
  • Public and private companies

Fraud Investigation:

  • Conducting fraud examinations and quantifying misappropriations
  • Assisting in the recovery/restitution process
  • Ensuring that the day-to-day accounting operations continue to function

Fraud Prevention:

  • Identify key business processes
  • Perform walkthroughs
  • Prepare narratives identifying key controls
  • Perform testing of key controls
  • Make recommendations to strengthen internal controls
  • Utilizing tools - SWENTRACK ™

A Proactive Approach:

  • Written fraud risk policies
  • Fraud awareness training with affirmation process
  • Annual conflict/independence disclosures
  • Performing fraud risk assessments
  • Make recommendations to strengthen internal controls
  • Developing whistleblower procedures